RYA Seamanship Courses Available at sailing schools registered with Sailview


On this page you will find all of the RYA Seamandship courses which are currently available.

This course will show you more advanced skills in sailing.  It includes such things as man over board, how to reef sails, as well as techniques for sailing adverse conditions.  Generally speaking you are likely to have needed to complete the Level 2 course in order to attend this course.

It is worth noting that this course is available for Dinghy, Keelboat, or multihull craft.  However its likely that a course will only offer one sort of craft.  There are seperatecourses available for windsurfing and power boating.

For further information about whats involved in this course please see https://www.rya.org.uk/courses-training/courses/dinghy-multi-keel/Pages/improvers.aspx

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