RYA Level 2 Courses

Saturday just gone, was the last day of the last RYA Level 2 course that my club (west lancs) ran.  After quite a successful open day using the RYA's push the boat out scheme, the club ended up running 3 level 2 courses.  I think in a normal year the club runs 1 course. 


We do have a really good few SI's, but one of them who is one the membership committee as well, has cottoned onto the idea, that these courses are really wasted by a lot of clubs. They are opportunities to convert these people into new active members.


The club runs a Tuesday night themed “Sail It” every tuesday night. The idea is that club members (new or old) can come down and some instructors or experienced sailors will be around to offer out advice and encourage people to go out and sail. Advertising this, and actively encouraging students of the RYA level 2 courses to attend these evenings is a great way to get more people into sailing.


Every club has peaks and troughs in the activity of its membership, however I do feel that West Lancs is on the up.